As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Nowhere is this axiom more important than in the area of crime prevention. Thankfully, Monmouth County has a police association that specializes in crime prevention.

The Monmouth County Crime Prevention/Community Policing Association (MCCPOA) is a non-profit organization comprised of crime prevention and community policing specialists from civil and law enforcement agencies throughout Monmouth County. The Association was formed to promote and maintain a public awareness of sound crime prevention methods and practices. MCCPOA members coordinate their activities, ideas and strategies by mutual cooperation for the benefit of all citizens to increase their awareness and involvement in crime prevention and community policing methods. This unique coalition combines the best from law enforcement with active civilian affiliations to serve all member communities and to represent all member concerns throughout Monmouth County. The MCCPOA includes representatives from the following law enforcement areas:

  • School Resource Officer / D.A.R.E. – Officers who conduct school education programs.
  • TRIAD – Officers who educate and assist senior citizens in crime prevention issues.
  • Bias and Hate Crime – Officers who deter and investigate bias and hate crimes.
  • Police Bicycle Patrol – Officers who are active in business and residential areas.
  • Urban Enterprise Zone – Officers who are patrolling and assisting in business districts.

In addition, the association conducts home and business security surveys, will present education programs for citizen groups of all ages, and strongly encourages all citizens to become actively involved in a Neighborhood Watch / Business Watch / Homeland Security Programs.

The following programs are available to private citizens and community groups to minimize their risk and improve their crime prevention awareness:

  • Risk Management / Risk Reduction
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Physical Security / Security Alarm Systems
  • Home / Business / School Security Surveys and Assessments
  • Personal Safety / Scams / Fraud

To learn more about community safety or to arrange for a security survey or education program, please contact Lieutenant Doug VanNote, MCCPOA Vice President, at 732/ 617-0186.

Neighborhood Watch / Homeland Security

Aside from providing training, advice and instruction on personal crime prevention strategies, the MCCPOA can help interested parents establish a Neighborhood Watch program in their community to get everyone involved in keeping their neighborhood safe. “Neighborhood Watch” is a cooperative effort between law enforcement and private citizens, which is organized to empower communities to reduce crime and the fear of crime in their geographic area.

Citizens are educated in various personal and physical security strategies to help protect their homes and property, are made aware of crime reporting and suspicious activity reporting techniques to assist law enforcement authorities, and are encouraged to become the “eyes and ears” of their local police department so that all work together to protect their communities.

Note: This safety tip is courtesy of the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.