Firefighters Equipped with Vital Information Through New Software

Firefighter Flex Fire Mobile PhotoOcean Township: Sheriff Shaun Golden is pleased to announce that Township of Ocean Fire District #1 has equipped 13 of its fire vehicles with Spillman Flex Fire Mobile, enabling firefighters to access vital information upon arrival to an active scene. Flex Fire Mobile, in conjunction with the Monmouth County 9-1-1 Communication Center’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Spillman Software, provides real-time information about fire incidents, apparatus GPS and hydrant locations, and, building pre-plans, which include maps and building details that first responders need.

“The number one priority for our first responders is to ensure the safety of the people who live and work in Monmouth County,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden. “That’s why fire departments, along with law enforcement agencies, must stay up to date in this ever changing world of technology. The new Spillman software enables responders to obtain information about an incident within seconds through real time reports, locations and communications. That’s crucial during urgent situations.”

The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Information Technology department serves as the host to the Spillman public safety software in Monmouth County.

With the new software, Township of Ocean Fire District #1 is able to view real time incident information sent from public safety telecommunicators (psts), to the responding apparatuses within seconds. Through Flex Fire Mobile, firefighters can be in constant contact with psts and reduce radio traffic to only important messages.

“As the Monmouth County Fire Marshal, I know that technology plays an ever increasing role in firefighting capabilities,” said Kevin Stout, Monmouth County Fire Marshal. “I’m pleased fire agencies dispatched by the Monmouth County 9-1-1 Communications Center can utilize this new software, since it provides firefighters with a situational awareness that was not possible prior to Flex Fire Mobile.”

Firefighters Flex Fire Mobile 2“Knowing the incident details and exact the location of a fire hydrant is crucial and Spillman provides hydrant and pre-plan information all on one screen,” said Scott Nelson, Commissioner and Fire District President, Township of Ocean Fire District #1. “Previously responders would have to access binders manually which could take time, now it’s instantly provided. That’s a priority, when seconds matter.”

The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office has been using Spillman Technologies since 2012. The Communications Division answers 9-1-1 calls for 49 jurisdictions and dispatches for 21 police, 59 fire and 32 EMS agencies. The center handles 650,000 calls annually.

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