Project Lifesaver

The mission of Project Lifesaver is to use state of the art technology to find people with Alzheimer’s disease, other memory disorders (such as dementia), or Autistic children who may be prone to wander. A wandering person with Alzheimer’s disease, other memory disorders, or an Autistic child represents a critical emergency. They are often unaware of their situation. They may not call out for help and sometimes do not respond to people calling out to them.

The Project Lifesaver participant wears a battery-powered bracelet which emits a radio-tracking signal 24 hours a day and weighs about one ounce. The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office can respond rapidly in the event that the participant becomes missing. The Project Lifesaver program was developed by the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office in Virginia. Hundreds of rescues have already taken place nationwide with the use of Project Lifesaver. The average rescue time remains under 30 minutes.

For Seniors 60 & older to obtain an application, call the Monmouth County Office on Aging at 732-308-3770 ext:8780 and ask to be sent an application for the Project Lifesaver tracking bracelet.  All others call the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office at: 732-431-6400 ext: 1129. There is no charge for the bracelet and details are sent with the application.

Project Lifesaver participants will be monitored by Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office personnel to ensure that the bracelet they have is well maintained and functioning properly.