Freehold: Sheriff Shaun Golden spoke to students from Wall High School on May 22 about the law enforcement and emergency operations of the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office. It was all part of the Sheriff’s Prison Awareness Program (SPA), where students get the opportunity to tour several law enforcement facilities and learn about the day to day operations.

“This is an eye opening experience for these students,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden. “By observing what goes on and speaking directly to law enforcement officials, provides students with the knowledge and insight into the criminal justice system.”


Thirty students were guided on a tour of the Monmouth County Police Academy to see the type of training that is required of law enforcement officers. They also visited the Monmouth County Courthouse and the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Public Safety Center where they observed how public safety telecommunicators handle emergency calls and radio transmissions. The final phase of the program ended with a tour of the Monmouth County Correctional Institution, a nationally accredited direct supervision facility, where SPA Coordinator Lt. Thomas Bollaro provided the students with an overview of corrections.

The SPA program has been run through the Monmouth County Correctional Institution for 25 years. Approximately 30 tours are conducted annually.
“I commend the schools, such as Wall High School, that includes the Sheriff’s Prison Awareness program as part of their curriculum, and, I welcome all high schools to participate in this valuable program,” said Sheriff Golden.