The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office conducted their “Dangers of Strangers” program at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School in Asbury Park on April 24th. Bi-lingual Sheriff’s Officers Manuel Rosario and Iliana Nunez taught the program to approximately seventy students from grades three through five. The program, which is offered to all elementary schools in Monmouth County makes students aware of the Dangers of Strangers in their communities and elsewhere. “Children are our most valuable resource, but they can also be our most vulnerable,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden. “That’s why it is vital that children are fully aware of and often reminded about the Dangers of Strangers, this program does just that.”

The 45 minute program teaches students tricks strangers may use to lure them into harmful situations and strategies to escape those situations. It also teaches them other safety tips to employ if faced with the danger of a stranger including what is a stranger, what to do if a stranger talks to you, what to do when home alone, safety tips for dealing with strangers inside and outside the home and internet safety tips in dealing with strangers met online.

The Sheriff’s Office has offered this program since its unveiling at Neptune Community School in 2010.

Dangers of Strangers is offered in English and Spanish versions and is available to any school in Monmouth County. For information about the program, contact Kathy Morrison at 732-577-5743.

Along with the Dangers of Strangers, other Bi-lingual programs being offered through the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office are Identity Theft, Youth Identification and Ident Adult.