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The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office served 78 warrants and made 64 arrests while participating in a statewide Non-Support Sweep that began on Tuesday, December 7th and ended Thursday, December 9th. The Non-Support Sweep, which included the participation of all 21 New Jersey Sheriff’s Offices, through the Sheriffs’ Association of New Jersey (SANJ), was conducted in cooperation with the New Jersey Office of Child Support Services.

The offenders, who were apprehended by Monmouth County Sheriff’s Officers owed more than $1.1 million in child support, the amount they were ordered to pay was solely at the discretion of the courts. “The success of the Non-Support Sweep here in Monmouth County is a result of a statewide commitment from Sheriff’s Offices and the cooperation of local law enforcement agencies,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden.

The goal of the bi-annual Non-Support Sweep is to apprehend non-custodial parents who fail to pay their court ordered child support. In addition, targets include parents who failed to appear at court hearings to establish a child support order or order for medical support.