Gold Star Senior Travel Card

Gold Star Senior Travel Card – This program is based on programs in Florida and Connecticut and was unveiled in Monmouth County Sheriff’s OfficeMonmouth County in 2005.  Seniors fill out a card with their name, address, telephone numbers, whom to contact in an emergency, allergies to medications, medications they currently take and physician’s telephone number.  The card is placed in a card carrier and then  placed in the glove box of their car.  A “gold star” is then affixed to the rear windshield of the car.  Should the driver of the car become ill or disabled, first responders can look in the glove box and find important information about the person, as well as whom to contact if the person is not conscious when responders arrive.

To obtain a Gold Star Senior Travel Card, contact Alexa Quagliato at or 732-431-6400 Ext. 1125