The State of New Jersey Department of Treasury was conducting qualifications at the outdoor firing range at the Monmouth County Fire Academy in Howell Township, when an agent accidentally shot himself in the foot. The incident occurred at 11:14 am on Thursday, January 24th.

The officer was a special agent in training with the New Jersey Department of Treasury. During a familiarization drill, and while re-holstering his weapon, it accidentally discharged, and struck the agent’s left foot. There were two shooters and two instructors on the range at the time of incident. The weapon was a 9mm handgun.

An EMT on scene immediately responded. The injuries are not life threatening and the agent was taken to Jersey Shore Medical Center for treatment.

The incident is being investigated by Howell Township Police and the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.

The Monmouth County Police Academy’s outdoor firing range is part of the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Division.