Law Enforcement Recruits Graduate Monmouth County Police Academy

Monmouth County: Sheriff Shaun Golden is pleased to announce the graduation of 43 newly sworn law enforcement officers from the Monmouth County Police Academy. On December 13, 28 recruits of the 105th Basic Course for Police Officers and 15 recruits from the 56th Basic Course for Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers received their Police Training Commission certifications during a ceremony at Brookdale Community College.

“These fine men and women have demonstrated their commitment to law enforcement by persevering and successfully completing this intense training,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden, whose agency runs the Monmouth County Police Academy and had three sheriff’s officers graduate. “Becoming a member of law enforcement is a great privilege since there is no higher responsibility than maintaining the public safety of our residents and communities. I’m proud of their accomplishments and commend all for a job well done.”

Both law enforcement classes, which were combined, consisted of 22 weeks with more than 800 hours of training run through the Monmouth County Police Academy. The Basic Course for Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers has full police powers while on duty.

All recruits train in patrol concepts, defensive driving, professional development, weaponry and unarmed defense, criminal investigation, ethics, emergency medical care and physical training, along with a host of other courses.  Upon successful completion of the police training commission approved curriculum, all the officers are well prepared to serve their respective law enforcement agencies.

“The mission to protect and serve is not an easy one, but your commitment to your communities will always be valued when you serve with integrity, honesty and fairness,” said Julia Alonso, Monmouth County First Assistant Prosecutor.

“On behalf of the entire Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners, I would like to thank all of the Police Academy graduates for choosing a career in law enforcement and for the public service they will perform to protect our communities,” said Commissioner Director Thomas A. Arnone. “Monmouth County truly has the best law enforcement in the State and each of these graduates will contribute to that.”

105th BCPO & 56th SLEO Awards

Marksmanship Award/Academic Award/Outstanding Trainee Award Sarah E. Derasmo (105th BCPO) Middletown Twp PD
Physical Training Award Brandon M. Rodrigues (105th BCPO) Neptune Twp PD
Traffic Officers Association Award Sarah M. Abdelnabi (105th BCPO) Carteret PD
Military Service Award Kory J. Pool (56th SLEO II) Sea Bright PD
Merit Award Chandler A. Reed (56th SLEO II) Howell Twp PD

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