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Monmouth County 911 Communications Center Takes Over Dispatch Operations In Shrewsbury Borough

Sheriff Shaun Golden is pleased to announce that the plan for the Monmouth County 9-1-1 Communications Center to take over police, fire and EMS calls for Shrewsbury has been implemented. As a result, all dispatch for the borough is now run through Monmouth County.

“The Monmouth County 911 Communications Center is the largest shared service in Monmouth County, and this move is a great example of enhancing public safety at a cost savings,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden. “The change will provide a high level of services in an efficient manner through our trained, dedicated team of public safety telecommunicators, who serve Monmouth County 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

The Monmouth County 9-1-1 Communications Center has been answering 9-1-1 calls for Shrewsbury Borough for more than 20 years. Prior to the recent takeover, when an emergency call came in from the borough, police, fire and EMS departments would have to be contacted by Monmouth County’s Public Safety Telecommunicators. Now, when residents dial 9-1-1, an alert is sent out directly to police officers, firefighters and EMS squads, streamlining services.

“Having all of Shrewsbury Borough’s dispatch services run through the Monmouth County Communications Division is a tremendous benefit and I thank Sheriff Golden and the Monmouth County Board of Commissioner’s commitment to this great partnership.

This shared service and consolidation is the most efficient and effective solution for borough residents in the event of an emergency,” said Shrewsbury Borough Mayor Erik Anderson.

“Monmouth County continues to lead the way by offering shared services opportunities to its municipalities and partners, and I commend the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Shaun Golden for providing dispatch services to Shrewsbury Borough,” said Commissioner Director Thomas A. Arnone. “The Sheriff’s Office provides the highest level of emergency call dispatch services for local first responders through a smooth communications infrastructure to assist residents during an emergency.”

The Monmouth County Communications Center answers calls for 48 municipalities, provides dispatch services for 28 police departments, 85 fire companies and 42 first aid squads. Our highly trained Public Safety Telecommunicators do an exceptional job serving Monmouth County and deserve much credit for their work in helping to ensure the public safety and health of residents in Monmouth County.

For a downloadable version of this press release, click here:  News Release – Monmouth County 9-1-1 Communications Center Takes Over Dispatch Operations in Shrewsbury Borough