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Sheriff Shaun Golden wants to prevent seniors from becoming victims of telemarketing fraud through the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Telemarketing Fraud 101 program. During the week of March 17, the programs were presented to members of the Asbury Park Women’s Club and to seniors from Sebastian Village in Neptune.

“It’s our priority to protect the safety of all of our residents, “said Sheriff Shaun Golden. “Because seniors are considered the most preyed upon age group by fraudulent telemarketers, we need to guard them against these con artists and educate them on the tricks and tactics used to detect telemarketing scams.”

According to the National Crime Prevention Council studies show fraudulent telemarketers direct anywhere from 56 to 80 percent of their calls to older Americans.

Some of the reasons seniors are often the target is because many are retired and at home to answer the calls, they have investments, social security and pensions.
During Telemarketing Fraud 101, tactics, such as investment scams, medical care products, magazine sales and prizes and sweepstakes which are used to lure people in, are discussed.

Some of the lessons taught in the class include:

  • Never give out personal information on the phone
  • Be very cautions if a caller tells you you’ve won a prize
  • Don’t be pressed into quick decisions
  • Take time to discuss an offer with someone you trust
  • Get the offer in writing
  • Be very wary of home repair offers
  • End unwanted calls quickly
  • Safeguard telemarketers from any identifying information which includes social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, debit card numbers, etc.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau (609) 588-0808
  • Sign up for the Do-Not-Call Registry 888-382-1222


“The most important message to be stressed is to hang up. It’s not rude it’s shrewd,” said Sheriff Golden.

News Release – Telemarketing Fraud