The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, Interfaith Neighbors of Asbury Park and members of the Monmouth County Youth Corps are joining forces to promote Youth and Senior ID programs in Asbury Park, Neptune and throughout Monmouth County. The Youth Corps, which is sponsored by Interfaith Neighbors, an organization that provides high quality services to those in need, will assist the Sheriff’s Office in locating and setting up the Youth Identification program and the Ident Adult Senior Identification program. “This partnership is a great opportunity for all involved,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden. “It benefits the Sheriff’s Office by having the added help to keep our community safety programs running during budgetary constraints and manpower restrictions, and, it also helps the youths involved gain valuable experience for the future.”


The programs, run through the Sheriff’s Office, consist of a credit card size photo ID card. The Youth ID card contains the photo of a child and is carried by a parent or guardian. In an emergency, the card can be given to local first responders to aid in the rapid location and safe return of a child. The Ident-Adult card, a photo ID card for seniors, provides contact and medical information that can be vital should the person carrying the card have a medical emergency and be unable to speak.

The Monmouth County Youth Corps consists of men and women ages 16-25, who have not completed high school. The statewide program, which is presently in 12 counties, focuses on education and community service programs. The kickoff to this partnership took place at the Westside Community Center in Asbury Park in early September where 35 Youth ID cards were processed. “Most of these young people never had a job and they need to become familiarized with the skills in order to enter the working world. Identifying community needs for the Sheriff’s Office Youth and Senior Identification program does just that,” said Joe Marmora, Executive Director of Interfaith Neighbors.

The Youth Corps will scout out potential daycare centers, schools, senior centers and senior housing complexes that are in need of the ID programs, schedule the programs, assist participants in completing forms and assist with conducting the program. “This program makes me realize that I could do better in life,” said Mercedes Bland of Asbury Park. “Knowing that I’m helping families through this type of program makes me feel good about myself.”