Neptune Township:   The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office in partnership with the Neptune Township Police Department unveiled a program for the faculty of the Academy of Allied Health and Science in Neptune titled, “Understanding and Surviving a School Shooter Incident.” The program was presented by Sgt. Joel Fischer, Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office and Sgts. Paul Monahan and Steve Colombo of the Neptune Township Police Department on Oct. 13. Active Shooter Presentation 1

“It was a privilege to partner with Neptune Township Police Department in making this important program available to the faculty of the Academy of Allied Health and Science,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden. “I commend Principal Paul Mucciarone of the Academy of Allied Health and Science for seeking this training for his faculty and Neptune Township Police Chief James Hunt for asking us to partner with his agency in presenting this training that will help save the lives of our most valuable natural resource, our children.”

Active Shooter Presentation 2Sgt. Fischer, presented a PowerPoint program covering the definition of an active shooter, history of school shootings, phases of a potential school shooter, the response of faculty and police to an active shooter and the importance of preparing to deal with a school shooting situation in the event that it should actually happen at that school. Sgts. Monahan and Colombo discussed what the Neptune Township Police Department and support agency response would be like to an active shooter situation. A question and answer session followed the presentations.

Captain Robert Mangold and Chief James Hunt, Neptune Township Police Department worked in conjunction with the Sheriff’s Office to conduct this training for the faculty at the Academy of Allied Health and Science. Principal Paul Mucciarone and teacher Angela Irene reviewed the PowerPoint of the program prior to the presentation and provided information on the uniqueness of the academy building and property.

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