The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard was proud to present the Colors at the New Jersey Nets game on February 1st. All 21 counties are being recognized throughout the season to commemorate the teams last year in New Jersey. The Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard unit is comprised of thirteen sworn officers from the law enforcement and correctional divisions. Six of its members represented Monmouth County at the Prudential Center in Newark, where the Nets will play the remainder of their games before moving to Brooklyn, New York.


The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard unit was formed in 2011 and represents the agency at numerous ceremonial events, which include the anniversary of the September 11th attacks, parades, law enforcement graduations and funerals for veterans and fallen officers. “The Sheriff’s Office is proud of these dedicated men and women who serve as our Honor Guard,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden. “They often provide the final honors to our fallen heroes, who have lost their lives protecting and serving our residents and communities.”

Members of the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard include: Sheriff’s Officers Thomas Ruocco, Manuel Rosario, Rodger Miller, Edna Morasse, Ron Rice, Rodney Morgan, Ben Rivera-Estrada & Corrections Officers Donald Bennett, Edward Espinosa, Brian Johnson, Dennis Cleary, John Schultz, Kent Muller & Richard Hamilton.