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Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden is pleased to announce that twelve inmates at the Monmouth County Correctional Institution have successfully completed their studies and earned a GED high school diploma. A formal graduation ceremony was held at the Correctional Institution in Freehold on April 27th. “These 12 individuals chose to use their time with us in a productive manner in improving their education for possible future employment opportunities after their sentences are completed,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden. “I commend them for establishing and attaining the goal of a high school diploma.”

Since the Monmouth County Correctional Institution/Monmouth Ocean Educational Services Commission (MOESC) New Jersey Virtual School GED Class began in 2007, fifty five of the eighty inmates tested have obtained a New Jersey State High School Diploma. This represents a success rate of approximately 70%.

Graduates recognized at the ceremony included Jarris Baker, Kevin Breaux, Larry Daniels, Antwan Foucha, Eric Gore, Christopher Harris, Louis Richmond, Duvall Ricks, Michael Robbolino, Jose Villanueva and Charles Anderson. One graduate choose not to have his name mentioned.

Participating in the graduation ceremony were Sheriff Shaun Golden, Lt. Daniel Baker, MOESC Principal Maria Penzimer, GED English teacher Vincent Noviello and On-line teacher Jen Chingwe. Family members of many of the graduates were in attendance at the ceremony, held in the gymnasium at the jail.

The graduation completes the sixth session of the eighteen week program. The next session is expected to begin in June.