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Monmouth County Sheriff’s Officers were called to a home in Ocean Township to recover a weapon and ended up seizing suspected cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs and other drug paraphernalia on Monday, April 5th. Sheriff’s Officers Joseph Tuohy and Jeffrey Barnes responded to the home on Cold Indian Springs Road to serve Shawn Whittaker, 35, of Ocean Township, with a temporary restraining order. The order also called for the search of a handgun at the home. Whittaker opened the door after several knocks and, when questioned by officers, he denied there was a gun in the house. Additional officers from the sheriff’s office and Ocean Township Police Department arrived at the home to assist.

As the sheriff’s officers were searching the house for a weapon, they found what appeared to be cocaine and drug paraphernalia. A second warrant was executed, specifically for the purpose of locating other drugs within the residence. A sheriff’s office canine narcotics dog also assisted with the search. When it ended, suspected cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs along with drug paraphernalia were confiscated. A 38 caliber gun was found in the attic.

“I commend all of the officers involved in the arrest,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden. “Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office and Ocean Township Police Department, one more handgun is off the street.”

Whittaker was charged with possession of CDS, possession of CDS with intent to distribute, possession of a weapon and unlawful possession of a weapon. He was released from the Monmouth County Correctional Institution on $150,000 bail.