Two types of law enforcement positions exist within the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Division, Sheriff’s Officer and Sheriff’s Officer Bilingual in Spanish and English. To be eligible for either position, applicants must first take the Law Enforcement Examination (LEE) administered by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission. The purpose of this written exam is to generate a pool of eligible candidates who are than placed on a list which is used to fill law enforcement positions throughout the state. Bilingual applicants will also have to pass an additional examination administered by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission to verify fluency in Spanish. For more information about the exam as well as other pertinent information, visit

When a vacancy occurs the New Jersey Civil Service Commission is asked to provide the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office with a list of the highest ranked eligible candidates. This sets in motion our selection and hiring process. Please review the following information below to understand the next two-month phase of the selection process. There are seven steps remaining to becoming a Monmouth County Sheriff’s Officer. Please address these steps and take the necessary initiatives to begin your exciting career!

Orientation and Initial Interview – Conducted by assigned background investigators who shall review and issue information packet containing job description, salary guide, benefits and available career paths within Law Enforcement Division. The background investigators shall also answer any questions the applicant may have, review the formal application for employment, set a time and date for return of the formal application, verify the candidate’s identification, verify possession of a valid New Jersey driver’s license and arrange for submission of fingerprints and photo for a criminal records check.

Return of Completed Formal Application – Assigned Background Investigator shall review the returned formal application for completeness and accuracy with the candidate and advise them of the next phase of the selection process. Prior to accepting the formal application any identified minor omissions or deficiencies will be corrected by the applicant prior to proceeding in the selection process.

Background Investigation – Begins after initial interview and includes verification of employment, education, credit history, law enforcement contacts, reference checks and interviews with friends, family and neighbors which is documented in the background investigators detailed report to the Undersheriff assigned to the Law Enforcement Division.

Physical Fitness Assessment – Conducted by Certified Physical Fitness Instructors who utilize Police Training Commission standards to evaluate the candidate’s ability to successfully participate in mandatory Basic Police Academy physical training. Candidates are required to provide medical clearance prior to participation in the assessment.

Formal Board Interview – Conducted before panel of superior officers and background investigators to gauge and score candidates response to a series of subjective questions relating to the position.

Psychological Evaluation – Conducted by a licensed psychologist who tests and evaluates the candidate, prepares a detailed report on their findings which includes a recommendation on the candidate’s fitness for the position.

Medical Examination – Conducted by a licensed medical physician who shall gauge the candidate’s physical health, prepare a detailed report on their findings, which includes a recommendation on the candidate’s suitability for employment.

If you are selected after completing these seven portions of the selection process, you are then required to complete a six-month Basic Police Academy.

If you successfully pass all portions of the selection process and are not selected for employment, your name shall be retained for future vacancies and you shall remain eligible for reapplication.

If you fail to complete any portion of the selection process or falsify any information your name shall be removed from consideration and you will not be considered for reapplication.

If selected for employment with the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Division, you will have the opportunity to be assigned to a variety of specialized assignments and receive a comprehensive benefits package.

Assignments – Assignments include Court Operations, Warrant Service, Investigations Training, Community Relations, Records Bureau and Security Services Bureau. For members of the Sheriff’s Office, there are many opportunities for specialized law enforcement training while assigned to special operations such as Canine, U.S. Marshals Fugitive Taskforce, County Narcotics Taskforce, Community Relations or the Monmouth County Emergency Response Team (MOCERT) as well as performing various assignments to assist local, State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies.


  • Paid vacation:
    0 to 5 years employment = 12 days
    6 to 12 years employment = 15 days
    13 to 20 years employment = 20 days
    21+ years employment = 25 days.
  • Sick days: 1 day per month for 1st year employment, and 15 days per year for each subsequent year of employment. Accumulated sick time may be cashed in up to a maximum of $15,000. Medical and prescription coverage with optional dental and optical coverage.
  • Retirement plan based on your age at date of hire:
    Age 35 and under are eligible for Police and Fire Retirement System.
    Age 35 and over, are eligible for Public Employees Retirement System.
  • College credit reimbursement program of $50 per credit of additional salary for any pre-approved credits earned while employed by the Monmouth County Sheriffs Office.
  • Starting salary of $50,000.
  • Eleven salary step increases every year up to maximum contract salary of $134,000.
  • Regular workday of 8 hours, which includes two 15 minute paid breaks and one 30 minute, paid meal break.


Please refer any questions to Chief Scott Robinson at 732-431-6400 x1150, or email Thank you for your interest in employment with the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Division. For an application and/or testing dates, times, and other information, please click on