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Choosing a Proper Helmet and Appropriate Use

  • Purchase an approved bicycle helmet that has been tested and meets the federal safety standard issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. A helmet that meets the proper standards will be marked, but if you’re not sure, ask a worker in the bicycle store.
  • Choose a brand and size that fits well prior to adjustments. Avoid helmets that you will “grow into”.
  • Adjust the helmet so it is worn level on the head, not tilted back on the crown or pulled low over the forehead. Once adjusted, you should not be able to move the helmet more than an inch in any direction.
  • Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. Set a good example for your friends and family by always wearing your helmet when you ride.
  • Scooter or skateboard riders should wear not only a helmet, but knee and elbow pads as well.