All Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders Made Payable to the
“Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office”
Summons and Complaint 24.00 + mileage Cover letters
2nd Defendant 20.00 Name of defendant, address for service, type of papers being served and best time for service if available. If possible, brief description of defendant.
Each Defendant Thereafter 16.00
Need an original Summons with 2 copies and a copy of the complaint for each person being served.
Out of State Service 27.00 +mileage
2nd Defendant 20.00
Each Defendant Thereafter 16.00
Same as above for copies
Writ of Possession, Writ of Attachment, Writ of Replevin 50.00 + mileage Original Writ with 2 copies, with 2 copies of additional papers.
Warrant for Arrest 50.00 + mileage Original Writ with 2 copies and two of order and full description of defendant with dob, ssn etc.
Wage Garnishments 50.00 + mileage Cover Letter with address of the employer and social security number of defendant.
Need an original Writ with 2 copies and Wage Order with one copy.
General Writs 50.00 + mileage
Need an original Writ with 2 copies and additional copies if more than one service Cover letter with defendant name and address, if Bank Levy or Monies Due need account numbers and social security number.
Foreclosures $2,000.00 deposit Cover letter with name and address of defendant.
Need an Original Writ with copy, Affidavit of Consideration, Concise description of the property.
Adjournment $28.00
Need letter stating reason, needs to be in the office no later than the Friday before the Monday Sale date.

All payments must be in the form of money order or cashier checks.