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Police Recruits Graduate And Embark On A Career In Law Enforcement

Freehold: Sheriff Shaun Golden is pleased to announce the graduation of the 90 newly sworn in law enforcement officers from the Monmouth County Police Academy. On May 24, 24 officers of the 92nd Basic Course for Police Officers and 66 officers of the 44th Basic Course for Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers received their police training commission certifications, during a ceremony at Neptune High School’s Performing Arts Center.

“By successfully completing this training, these fine men and women have demonstrated their commitment to law enforcement,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden, whose agency had four officers graduate. “That is a great privilege, since there is no higher responsibility, than maintaining public safety. I’m proud of their accomplishments and commend all for a job well done.”

The Basic Course for Police Officers is a 20 week program with 780 hours of training run through the Monmouth County Police Academy. The Basic Course for Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers is a three month program and consists of approximately 600 hours of training with full police powers while on duty. Both classes are run through the Monmouth County Police Academy. Upon successful completion of the police training commission approved curriculum, the officers are well trained and well prepared to serve their respective law enforcement agencies.

“Through their strong commitment and hard work, we can be sure that these graduates will serve our residents and communities well as they begin successful careers in law enforcement,” said Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni.

Darryl Breckenridge, Police Academy Director, Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni, Chief Edward Kerr, Spring Lake PD and Captain Tina Scott, Belmar PD presented the recruits with their certificates.

“All of these graduates have completed a rigorous training program, at a first rate police academy from Monmouth County’s exceptional instructors,” said Deputy Freeholder Director John P. Curley, who gave remarks. “I’m confident they will embark on successful careers and become dedicated members of law enforcement.”

Awards recipients of the 92nd Basic Course included: Academic Award: Michael J. Grainger, Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, Marksmanship Award: Joseph D. Clayton, Belmar, Physical Training Award: James N. Kirchner Jr., Somerset County Sheriff’s Office, Merit Award: Michael J. Grainger, Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, Traffic Officers Association Award: Michael J. Grainger, Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office and Outstanding Trainee Award: Patrick Quirk, Freehold Borough

Award recipients of the 44th SLEO II Class included: Marksmanship Award: Edward S. DeWeese, Belmar, Academic Award: Thomas J. Dayback, Avon By the Sea, Outstanding Trainee Award: Julian A. Morgan, Long Branch, Physical Fitness Award: Julian A. Morgan, Long Branch, Traffic Officers Association Award: Ryan J. Calabro, Belmar & Merit Award: Courtney A. Casterlin, Sea Girt  

 For a downloadable version of this press release which includes a list of graduates , click here: News-Release-Police-Recruits-Embark-on-Career-in-Law-Enforcement



ADDEO, Joseph G. Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office
CLAYTON, Joseph D.         Belmar PD
FUNEZ, Jonathan               Neptune Township PD
GAVAN, Gregory F.             Manasquan PD
GRAINGER, Jr., Michael J. Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office
HASKINS, Aaron O.                        Neptune Township PD
KIRCHNER, Jr., James N.  Somerset County Sheriff’s Office
LAVIN, Matthew L.               Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office
McDONOUGH, Matthew C. Neptune Township PD
MOYE, Jr., Lorenzo             Somerset County Sheriff’s Office
QUIRK, Patrick J.                 Freehold Borough PD
SCHOU, Matthew                Eatontown PD
STOUT, Douglas M.            Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office           






ANGELO, Alicea M. Ocean Township PD
HARRIS, Alexandra                        Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office
HAWKINS, Nichole T.         Belmar PD
KLESS, Jeffrey S.                Deal PD
LEE, Matthew J.                   Chesterfield Township PD
MEDINA, Miquel A.             Deal PD
MONRO, Bruce R.               West Long Branch PD
REGINA, Stephanie N.       Howell Township PD
RUANE, Evan M.                 Oceanport PD
VACCHIANO, Evan S.        Raritan Borough PD
VETRANO, Robert C.          Neptune Township PD





ANDERSON, Patrick J.       Fair Haven PD
BELL, Zachariah K.             Deal PD
BOKOP, Connor J.              Avon By the Sea PD
BOWDEN, Thomas W.        Belmar PD
BROWN, Dante A.               Asbury Park PD
BUTTERMARK, Matthew J. Asbury Park PD
CAFERRA, Andrew J.        Belmar PD
CALABRO, Ryan J.             Belmar PD
CAMPBELL, Zachary M.    Belmar PD
CASTERLIN, Courtney A.  Sea Girt PD
COLANGELO, Matthew J.  Union Beach PD
COSTELLO, Lisa M.            Monmouth Beach PD
CUJE, Kevin D.                    Long Branch PD
CUNHA, Daniel O.              Long Branch PD
CUTTRELL, Richard P.      Neptune Township PD
DAVIES, IV, William J.        Long Branch PD
DAYBACK, Thomas J.        Avon By the Sea PD
DeWEESE, Edward S.        Belmar PD
DOLAN, Michael A.             Sea Girt PD
DOMANOSKI, Anthony E. Allenhurst PD
EDSON, Sean T.                  Asbury Park PD
ELDERSHAW, Thomas D. Sea Girt PD
FELIX, Lorenzo V.               Belmar PD
GROOME, James E.            Belmar PD
GUZMAN, Ivan M.                Long Branch PD
HEIMBUCH, Alexander T.  Long Branch PD
HOBEN, Patrick C.              Belmar PD
HRYMACK, Hayden A.       Belmar PD
IRIZARRY, Ariana N.          Asbury Park PD
JURIK, Joshua A.                Asbury Park PD
KELLY, Robert J.                 Long Branch PD
KELLY, Robert J.                 Keyport PD
LOGEL, Kathleen T.            Belmar PD
LYNCH, John J.                   Avon By the Sea PD
MANNING, Ty D.                  Sea Bright PD
MARELLI, Sean H.              Sea Bright PD
MARRON, Kevin T.             Belmar PD
MASEDA, Michael J.           Belmar PD
McGILL, Patrick T.                Belmar PD
McMAHON, Jesse D.          Manasquan PD
MERKLINGER, Matthew T. Spring Lake PD
MOELLER, Michael D.        Belmar PD
MORGAN, Julian A.                        Long Branch PD
NIEBLING, Matthew W.      Howell Township PD
NIEDT, Karleigh M.              Long Branch PD
PELECH, Kyle J.                  Belmar PD
PETTWAY, Lorenzo T.        Neptune Township PD
PRASAD, Conner N.          Bradley Beach PD
QUIGLEY, Ryan Z.              Manasquan PD
REMEDIOS, Christopher R. Long Branch PD
RICHARDS, Jr., Dane M.   Belmar PD
RODRIGUES, Nicholas A. Bradley Beach PD
ROECK, Christopher M.     Belmar PD
ROSE, Cameron A.             Bradley Beach PD
ROZENTSVIT, Lawrence M. Long Branch PD
SATTERFIELD, Joshua A. Belmar PD
SMITH, Francis E.                Avon by the Sea PD
STACK, IV, Dennis              Bradley Beach PD
STAPLETON, Ryan S.        Belmar PD
TORRE, Anthony R.            Asbury Park PD
TOWNSEND, Joel B.          Bradley Beach PD
VASTA, Luke M.                   Asbury Park PD
WENNER, Alvin C.              Avon By the Sea PD
WILLIAMS, Mark C.             Allenhurst PD
WINES, Melissa A.              Belmar PD
YUTKO, Mark J.                    Long Branch PD