Monmouth County Sheriff Kim Guadagno presented an in depth report on the Youth Detention Center to the Board of Chosen Freeholders during their executive session on Thursday, January, 22nd. The report comes after questions were raised about the high cost of running the facility which presently houses 20 to 25 juveniles per day, with operational costs of more than five million dollars annually. “With such high costs and a significant decrease in population, a review of the operations of the Youth Detention Center was conducted and research undertaken to ascertain if Monmouth County can provide equal, if not better services to our juvenile population at a significant reduction in expenditure,” said Sheriff Kim Guadagno.



The 20 page report provides a background of the YDC, gives an overview of the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (which provides home detention to certain juvenile offenders) that had a dramatic impact on the YDC population and cost per client ratio, examines potential cost savings with regionalization, provides the board with arguments of keeping the facility open and provides the Board with a balanced look at the possible closing of the Monmouth County YDC.



After interviewing YDC workers as well as state, county and local officials from numerous youth service agencies, reviewing operating costs and conducting research at the Middlesex County Juvenile Detention Center, the Sheriff’s Office concluded that the population at the YDC is and will remain under capacity, the cost of operating the YDC will continue to rise, the Board should consider shared services for the YDC, the concerns of the stakeholders can be addressed, regionalization will save between $1.17 and $2.17 million dollars and a shared service arrangement will provide equal to or better services to the stakeholders if there is a transportation component.



“This decision is ultimately up to the Board of Chosen Freeholders. It is my hope that the comprehensive report will guide the Board in the right direction when it comes to the well being of juvenile offenders and the best interest of the taxpayers of Monmouth County,” said Sheriff Guadagno.”



The Freeholders have scheduled a public meeting regarding the report on February 10th, 7:00pm at the Hall of Records in Freehold.



To view the full report log onto, scroll down on the home page and click on Youth Detention Center Report.



For more information contact Undersheriff Cynthia Scott at (732) 577-6613.