Monmouth County Sheriff Kim Guadagno wants to assist families facing foreclosure and evictions during these tough economic times by offering a comprehensive resource guide.

The information can be accessed through and by clicking on the Foreclosures section which leads to the Resource Guide Brochure.

“People need guidance during the foreclosure process, but some don’t know where to turn,” said Sheriff Kim Guadagno. “The Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to helping families and providing assistance during these difficult times by offering this resource guide.”

Important resources that are available include information on the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Making Homes Affordable Program and the New Jersey Foreclosures Mediation Program, which is an opportunity for qualified homeowners who are facing foreclosure to receive help from housing counselors, attorneys and a neutral mediator to resolve a loan delinquency. Other information is from the New Jersey State Department of Law and Public Safety, Division of Consumer Affairs and the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. Both agencies have materials for homeowners, with downloadable booklets, frequently asked questions and schedules of seminars. Additional resources in the guide include state housing resources, county legal services and shelter assistance.

For more information contact Undersheriff Cynthia Scott at (732) 577-6613.