Keansburg: Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden and the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) are assisting seniors in the event of an emergency or disaster through the STORM program. Seniors Taking on Readiness Measures, STORM, which equips those who are among the most vulnerable population with emergency preparedness information, was presented to 20 seniors at the Granville Towers in Keansburg on July 1. The program assists seniors in creating a family disaster plan and provides them with an emergency kit.

“After Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy impacted Monmouth County with mandatory evacuations and the need to shelter residents, it was recognized that many people did not have a family emergency plan,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden, whose agency runs OEM. “STORM provides people with the tools to build a plan in an effort to strengthen resiliency, sustainability and expedite recovery during emergencies and disasters.”


The Monmouth County Office of Emergency Management travels throughout the county to present STORM.

During the program, seniors are provided with a family disaster plan booklet, which asks for personal, family, work, medical, insurance, emergency & evacuation related information. Once the booklet is completed, participants are then provided with a free emergency supply kit, which includes basic necessities for use during an emergency.

The National Readiness Campaign adopted by FEMA includes four basic components which asks residents to be informed, get involved, have a plan and build an emergency kit.

“Many residents are well informed and involved, but they fall short in creating a plan and building the kit,” said Mike Oppegaard, OEM Coordinator. “STORM gives them that plan and equips them with the basic necessities in the event they need to go to a shelter. All those tools will lessen the impact on emergency management services during a disaster or emergency.”

STORM is funded through grants from the Department of Homeland Security and the Monmouth County Health Department.

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