Oakhurst: Sheriff Shaun Golden wants residents to stay safe while driving on the roadways, that’s why the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office conducts a Senior Safe Driving – Keeping Your Keys, program. The most recent Safe Driving Program was held for seniors at Temple Torah El in Oakhurst on February 23. The presentation offers strategies on avoiding common causes for crashes, safe driving techniques, the importance of planning trips and the importance of regular eye examinations for continued safe driving. Senior driving education programs such as AARP’s Smart Driver Course is also discussed as a way to sharpen driving skills.

“The information presented through this program is informative and encouraging,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden. “The tips discussed show seniors how to be even safer drivers on our roadways.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control in 2009, there were 33 million licensed drivers in the U.S., ages 65 and older. The agency says while driving helps seniors stay mobile and independent the risk of being injured or killed in a car crash increases. In addition, seniors have a high rate of seat belt use and are less likely to drive while impaired.

Some of the techniques covered in the program include planning your trips, taking the road less traveled, who’s doing what to assist older drivers, changes in your body that impact safety, being mindful of medications, maintaining proper distance between cars, being mindful of the effects of weather on driving and having a transportation plan.

For more information on the Senior Safe Driving program contact Undersheriff Ted Freeman at (732) 577-5748.

News Release – Senior Safe Driving