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Sheriff’s Marine One Enforces No Wake Zone To Ensure Safety In Shark River

Marine 1

Belmar: The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Marine 1 has been patrolling our shore areas and beyond all summer long, and, for the next few weekends, much of the patrols will focus around the Shark River Inlet surrounding Belmar and Avon by the Sea. Sheriff Shaun Golden, who met with Belmar Mayor Mark Walsifer and Business Administrator Ed Kirschenbaum, is proud to provide this valuable resource which assists in ensuring safety and responding to critical water related incidents.

“Marine 1 and our partners in law enforcement work tirelessly during the summer season patrolling the areas up and down the shore,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden. “Sheriff Officers who operate Marine 1 respond to water related incidents including capsized vessels, swimmers in distress, fires on the waterway, and, are always on the lookout for impaired boaters. As part of maintaining safety in the Shark River Inlet for the next few weekends, Marine 1 will help enforce no wake zones, where vessels must adhere to travelling at idle speed.”

Recently, Marine 1 enforced no wake zones at Deal Lake and is pleased to be continuing those efforts by partnering with Belmar.

“We thank and commend Sheriff Golden and the operators of Marine 1 for teaming up with the Belmar Police Department so that our waterways in and around the Shark River Inlet will remain safe as speed limits will be enforced. This partnership will prove to be invaluable as we enjoy the last few weekends of the summer,” said Belmar Mayor Mark Walsifer.

As a reminder it’s important to follow safe boating tips:

  • Check the weather conditions prior to departure
  • Have a checklist and follow it prior to departure
  • Operate at a safe speed, be aware of your surroundings, and stay clear of large vessels
  • Make sure there is more than one person who can handle operations of the boat and that all know how to swim and use a lifejacket properly.
  • Do not consume alcohol prior to or while out on a vessel. It is illegal to operate a boat with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher which could result in mandatory loss of boating and driving privileges.

For a downloadable version of this press release, please click here:  News Release – Sheriff’s Marine One Enforces No Wake Zone to Ensure Safety in Shark River