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Monmouth County: Sheriff Shaun Golden wants residents of Monmouth County to have easier and enhanced accessibility when finding information regarding the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, and, in doing so, has recently unveiled the agency’s redesigned website.

“The sheriff’s office newly redesigned website increases our contact with the residents by providing them with a wealth of public safety resources in a fast and efficient manner,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden. “It includes valuable and real time information and those who visit the website will find it easier to navigate and more user friendly.”


The website can be entered directly by logging on to www.monmouthsheriff.org. It was created by the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, Information Technology Department and is equipped with the latest web design, which enables the page to work on all devices, including smart phones, tablets and desk top computers.
All of the sheriff’s office divisions are highlighted on the website which includes Law Enforcement, Communications, Special Operations and Corrections, along with the Office of Emergency Management, community outreach programs and an archive of current and past news releases.

The redesigned site now hosts the Monmouth County Correctional Institution’s (MCCI) inmate database, which is updated with information close to real-time. That lays the groundwork for further upgrades planned in 2016 which will allow real-time, instantaneous information directly from MCCI.

The foreclosure information section includes an up to the minute sales list, foreclosure procedures, foreclosure mediation forms and contact information. In addition, there are frequently updated photos of the services provided by the sheriff’s office and a direct link to the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office social media pages. The sheriff’s office Facebook page was recently verified by Facebook for being the Official Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Facebook presence. This certification is only provided after the agency provides proof and verification that it is legitimately maintained and monitored by the agency, ensuring the public’s trust in getting valid information. The verification is represented by a check within a blue circle.

“The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office continues to be a leader when it comes to how law enforcement agencies generate information,” said Sheriff Golden. “Between the new website, our active social media pages and Facebook verification, the public is well connected with the services and information the office provides.”
Please take the opportunity to visit the website at www.monmouthsheriff.org. the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Facebook.com/MonmouthCountySheriff’sOffice and Twitter @monmouthsheriff.

News Release – MCSO Launches Redesigned Website