The Monmouth County Correctional Institution (MCCI) has an occupancy rating of 1,328 inmates. It is among the top ten largest Correctional facilities in the nation. With it’s Objective Classification System for inmates, Pod style floor plans and well trained Correctional Staff, it is a safe and secure environment for all those committed to us by the courts.


Inmates receive excellent health care, quality meals, and liberal time out of their cells to attend religious, educational, and social programs, all designed to assist the inmates and provide them with life skills. They spend their recreation out doors, and are provided an option to exercise indoors. They have weekly access to a Law Library, so that they may research their cases. Visitation, contact and non-contact are allowed with some limitations. They receive visits from Attorneys and Law Enforcement agencies in private interview rooms. The County also contracts with other agencies and jurisdictions to maximize the use of our bed space.

Monmouth County Corrections is American Corrections Association (A.C.A.) and National Commission Correctional Health Care (N.C.C.H.C.) accredited. Two of the six nationally recognized accreditations of the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office.

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