This section, which is comprised of a highly trained group of Officers, carries out the enforcement orders issued by the courts. The unit operates 365 days per year, serving thousands of criminal and civil warrants, often resulting in further charges being filed against suspects. Sheriff’s Officers often make arrests for non-related charges while serving warrants, and assist municipal police in criminal cases.

Non-support warrants are issued for spouses who are behind on child support payments. Warrants are maintained in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). Officers make more than 3,000 non-support arrests each year. More than $1 million in back child support is collected through the officers’ diligence.

Criminal fugitive warrants are entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) computer system. Sheriff’s Officers find and arrest fugitives daily, every day of the year, working in teams and/or with other police agencies. Most warrants are for failure to appear for court proceedings. Officers also conduct periodic raids with other Law Enforcement Agencies to serve warrants. This unit receives an average of 1,300 criminal fugitive warrants a year and makes 900 arrests. Additionally, many warrants are vacated by the courts before the person is apprehended.

Sheriff’s Officers arrest more than 60 people a year on attorney warrants. These subjects are people who have failed to obey civil court orders. Officers in this unit also serve domestic violence restraining orders. Approximately 1,600 temporary restraining orders are received, with 1,100 being personally delivered to defendants.