The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office K-9 units are called upon year-round to assist local police departments with narcotics detection, explosive detection and criminal or missing person searches.

The Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit presently consists of eight dogs;

  • Explosive detection teams
    • S/O Devon Mockus & K-9 Harley – Labrador Retriever
    • S/O Douglas Marino & K-9 Blue – Shepherd
    • S/o Michael Deluca & K-9 Leo – German Shepherd
    • S/O Ralph Irizzary & K-9 Fuze – German Shepherd
  • Three narcotic detection teams
    • S/O David Lasko & K-9 Edge – German Shepherd
    • S/O Jay Aretino & K-9 Ari – German Shepherd
    • S/O Kurt Kroeper & K-9 Gunner – Labrador Retriever
    • S/O Michael Mindo & K-9 Tango – German Shepherd
  • Four Patrol teams
    • K-9 Ari – German Shepherd
    • K-9 Blue – Shepherd
    • K-9 Edge – German Shepherd
    • K-9 Fuze – German Shepard
    • K-9 Leo – German Shepherd
    • K-9 Tango – German Shepherd
  • One Tracking team –
    • S/O Kurt Kroeper & K-9 Skye – Bloodhound

During the days and weeks immediately following the World Trade Center attack, two Sheriff’s K-9 teams worked closely with the Port Authority Police to provide explosive detection searches at the bridges and tunnels leading to New York City. Other Sheriff’s Officers served as “spotters” providing security for the dog handlers while they worked. During the 10 days following the attack, Sheriff’s Office K-9 teams conducted explosive detection searches on over one thousand vehicles at the border crossings between New Jersey and New York.

The Sheriff’s Office K-9 units undergo rigorous ongoing training programs to maintain proficiency in basic skills and ensure continued effective performance in the field. Each K-9 team must complete a state-mandated 10-week training course at a certified K-9 training facility. After completing this initial training, Sheriff’s K-9 teams must maintain at least eight hours of in-service training each month.