The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office provides municipal governments with an innovative, tax-saving resource through the Sheriff’s Office Inmate Labor Program. The Inmate Labor Program enables local towns to complete important, labor intensive projects at substantial cost-savings to local taxpayers.

Over the past year, inmates involved in the Labor Program have worked 19,799 hours in 38 municipalities throughout the county, resulting in an estimated savings of more than $109,764 for Monmouth County taxpayers. Participation in the Inmate Labor Program is completely voluntary. Inmates enrolled in the program participate in the work projects as an alternative to spending their time in jail. Only offenders incarcerated for minor offenses, with records of good behavior may be enrolled.

In the past, work crews were sent from the Inmate Labor Program to assist Middletown Township with the restoration of Civil War-era Compton’s Cemetery. In addition to working with local municipalities, the Inmate Labor Program assisted a number of local non-profit organizations including the Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Boys and Girls Club, veterans and seniors organizations.

To make a request for an Inmate Labor Crew in your municipality, contact the program Director Medora Morris at (732) 431-7860 x1424.