Substance Abuse Services at the Monmouth County Correctional Institution (MCCI) is committed to providing clinically effectual prevention and treatment services to inmates impacted by substance abuse and dependence. All eligible inmates are provided with appropriate services by qualified and state certified/licensed staff.

Interactive educational classes on substance abuse related topics are held for both the male and female inmate populations. Weekly group counseling provides inmates additional opportunities to address their addictions and criminal behaviors. Individual counseling is also available. Certificates of participation are awarded to qualifying inmates at commencement ceremonies held throughout the year. Daily Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are provided. Monthly AA/NA speaker jams are held; these offer panels of outside speakers who share their experience, strength and hope with inmates. Inmates may receive recovery literature for S.A.S., upon request. When referred by MCCI Social Services, S.A.S. assists in post-release in-patient treatment placement by setting interview appointments and placing the inmate on the phone or in face to face interviews with treatment providers. Inmates being released to the community can obtain information regarding local recovery resources. Additionally, Substance Abuse Services offers Recovery Jubilees – whose purpose is to share information on alternative methods of recovery. Thus, the inmate’s ability to choose what he/she believes is most appropriate to their culture and belief system is reinforced.

Substance Abuse Services encourages all inmates to recognize that RECOVERY from substance abuse/dependency and criminal lifestyles is the ultimate goal and that recovery and it’s maintenance are achievable.