Andrew T. Caruso

Director of EMS Training


Andrew T. Caruso is the Director of EMS Training for the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office.  Prior to this appointment, he has served the Sheriff as a Deputy EMS Coordinator since 2010, instrumental in major tasks during events such as Superstorm Sandy and the Covid Pandemic.  He is also the Team Commander for the Sheriff’s Tactical Medical Unit, which provides support to MOCERT, the Monmouth County Emergency Response Team’s SWAT Operations.

Before coming to the Sheriff’s Office, he was the Chief of Operations for MONOC Mobile Healthcare, New Jersey’s largest emergency medical service, overseeing over 600 employees in ALS, BLS, SCT, and Air Medical Services Divisions.  He is a Certified Emergency Manager, Ambulance Service Manager, Safety Specialist, and Anger Resolution Therapist.  He has over 30 years of EMS experience and has spent the majority of his career dedicated to finding and implementing new ways to increase safety and the quality of service provided to his community.

He is a certified Mental Health Resilience Officer and trains other EMS Providers on this topic to make their agencies more prepared for crisis.  He is an adjunct instructor for New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, teaching all emergency disciplines on managing active shooter incidents.  Additionally, he is a National Association of EMTs instructor, and teaches topics such as Active Threat Integrated Response, Trauma Emergency Casualty Care, CPR, and Five Minutes to Help, a program aimed at assisting those suffering from Substance Abuse to get the treatment they need.